5 Ways To Lose Weight In 30 Days (Even When You’re Stuck At Home)!

You wake up. You feel tired. You don’t know why…

You step out of the bed. The mind is foggy. You feel lost.

You trudge to the bathroom and step onto the scales. You had a big bonanza over the weekend, and now you are starting to feel the effects of it.

You step on those magical scales, hoping it will be a friend in your favour.

You look down. Turns out the friend becomes a foe.

You look at the number, and almost begin to weep. This cannot be happening. Not again.

You’re annoyed. No worse.


You keep losing this battle, and you want this battle to stop.

You ask yourself, ‘What must it take to finally get rid of those pesky pounds. What must I do?’

To be fair, it’s a good question. One that not everybody asks!

Having said that, you can keep doing the hard way.

This is where you are unsure where you are going. You dabble here and there. Try a little diet here, a little exercise there…

(you get the idea)

Only thing with this approach?

Not sustainable. Not by any stretch.

Sooner or later, you will have to face the reality of the situation.

And if you are not careful, that reality can sting. And sting hard.

Believe it or not, there is an easier way.

(I say easier way. It’s not easy by any stretch, but it’s a lot easier than what you have been doing)

This involves a vision. a grit determination.

This involves something, that not everyone has.

A routine!

And what if I was to also tell you (again, believe it or not), that there wasn’t just 1 easier way…

But about 5!

Would you believe me?

Well, here goes…

First things first, you need to design your own weight loss program.

Diet, Part 1 (lets start with the obvious first)

Make some changes to your diet.

Get rid of your bad nutritional habits such as eating fast food, snacking, drinking sodas and eating more than you should. Introduce changes slowly so you have time to get used to your new diet.

Following your new diet will be easier if you plan your meals in advance and go grocery shopping on a regular basis.

If you always have some healthy food at home, you will be less tempted to go to your favourite fast food restaurant.