Best Elliptical For Small Spaces – 3 Big Value Ellipticals For Small Workout Rooms

Looking for the best elliptical for small spaces? Maybe you have a small workout room or you want a crosstrainer that will fit in a condo or apartment.

You can get small elliptical trainers at most department stores these days. However these are usually pretty cheap models that will break (or start squeaking) within the first month that you get them home.

How do you find a well-made, high-quality elliptical that still doesn’t take up a lot of space? Here are 3 elliptical trainer options that are large on value, but small in size for you to consider:

#1 Nordictrack ACT

The ACT elliptical it unique in that it isn’t a rear drive elliptical (where the flywheel is behind the pedals) or a front-drive trainer (where the flywheel is in front pedals).

It’s actually a center drive elliptical – where you have two smaller flywheels on either side of the pedals.

This has the effect of shortening the footprint of the elliptical and giving it a more square footprint instead of the typical long rectangle.

While there are a couple of different ACT models, the main ACT elliptical is only 31 x 54 inches, which is smaller than many standard elliptical trainers.

Another advantage to the ACT is that you stand more upright on the pedals and lean less on the handrails, which for many people feels more comfortable overall.

And finally, as long as we’re talking about small spaces, the ACT has a lower step-on height than many regular ellipticals as well – which makes it ideal if you have a low ceiling height.

#2 Bowflex Max Trainer

This is a new type of elliptical trainer – more of a vertical climbing machine that combines an elliptical with a stair-climbing motion.

This uses more lower body muscles and helps you burn more calories than a regular elliptical trainer.

According to the manufacturer, you can burn up to 2.5 times more calories on the Max trainer than on a regular elliptical, which means you see results very fast.

Plus the Max trainer is about half the size of a standard elliptical trainer. There are a couple of different models however the main M5 model has a footprint of 25 x 46.1 inches – even smaller than the ACT above.

#3 Proform Smart Strider Elliptical

Proform currently has a few different Smart Strider elliptical models, each with differing consoles and features. But the main thing you need to know is that all of these trainers are built so you can easily fold them up and store them away.

In fact when folded, they can easily be rolled out of your workout areas and stored away. They’ll even fit in your closet!

It can be hard to find a folding elliptical these days and if you do, many of them tend to be cheaply made and flimsy, because of the limits of a folding design.

However the Smart Strider ellipticals are made with heavier flywheels and a steel gauge frame to give them more weight and stability.

Plus you also get incline on most models – which most folding trainers don’t give you (again because of the limits of a folding design).

So you can change the slope of your elliptical running path with incline and get a better crosstraining workout.

However it is fair to note that they have a standard footprint (not a compact one) when in use – about 32 by 65 inches. They’re really only small when folded up. So this may not be the best option if you’re just looking for a small elliptical overall.

So those are 3 of the best elliptical trainers for small spaces – which still give you well, constructed, stable-feeling machines. Each one has its benefits. Take your time, do your research and go with a trainer that fits your space – and your fitness goals!