Real Self-Defence Why Settle For Less Than The Truth

Real Self-Defence “Why Settle For Less Than The Truth”

What you are about to find out is the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

The truth is, most of what you have read or been told about men or women’s self-defence is just plain rubbish. Most of what is taught is useless in a real life attack, ninety-nine per-cent of DVDs are teaching techniques that would never work on the street. Even worse, most martial arts schools will do nothing but give you a false sense of security. I told you the truth hurts.

It’s true, and it’s a shame so many unsuspecting poorly trained and totally clueless men and women are walking around with a false sense of security believing that they would stand a real chance in a blood and snot, street attack or sexual assault. I could give the figures of the number of attacks taking place but I’m not going to. Believe me when I look at the numbers, they are really scary.

Sure, a lot of the techniques work in the gym/dojo but ask yourself would you be able to really defend yourself if you needed to? I would suggest not so it makes sense before you choose a place to train seek out a realistic system of street defence. Of course, if you want to just get fit and all the other things that go along with learning a martial art that’s fine. However, if you want to learn what works under real duress of a real attack then take your time and choose wisely.

For instance, Most of the time not all, attacks were proceeded by some form of verbal assault or what is termed as an interview or verbal exchange. Knowing how to deal with this situation the term is, talking him down can help you avoid most attacks from ever becoming physical. Moreover, should the aggressor proceed with his physical assault your mind and body will be in high alert mode to offer the best physical defence. This is just one simple example of many that probably are never covered in most martial arts schools along with things like the adrenaline dump etc. But that’s a subject for another time, along with techniques that could be learned simple and easily by the average man or woman regardless of their athletic ability as well as, not requiring years of training. You don’t have to be strong and fast although it helps if you are, you just need the proper knowledge to start practicing the right way how to defend yourself.

Finally, before I go I would like to tell a story which I hope will give you some idea of where I’m coming from.

Once there was a famous karate man on the island of Okinawa/Japan, who had spent his whole life studying under a master the legendary art of karate. Although he dedicated his whole life to this art he had never actually had occasion to try his art out in a real life situation against a real attacker intent on doing him harm. He wasn’t the kind of man to just go out and pick a fight just to test his ability. So he had to wait for a suitable occasion to come along. Oddly, he wished someone would attack him so he could prove himself and that his style of karate was powerful outside of the controlled environment of the dojo.

He trained hard but it only made his obsession greater until one day he was travelling on a local commuter train when a potential situation arose, a very drunken, load and aggressive man boarded the train and immediately started to abuse the other passengers. This is it he thought to himself; this is my chance to test my art. He waited for the man to reach him as he made his way along the carriage, he was swearing at everyone around him getting louder and more aggressive, causing the other passengers to recoil in fear of being attacked.

As the drunken man got closer the karate man he made ready for the seemingly inevitable assault on his person, he readied himself for a bloody encounter prepared to demonstrate his art in the ultimate arena, but before he could rise from his seat the passenger in front of him stood up and engaged the drunk jovially. Hey man what’s up you look like a man with problems. Here come and sit down with me there’s no need to be abusive. No one on this train wants to fight with you.

The karate man watched in amazement as the passenger skillfully talked the drunken man down from his rage. Within minutes the drunk was pouring his heart out to the passenger. The karate man somewhat amazed thought to himself “that’s karate (real self-defence) He realized in that instant that the passenger with a comforting arm around the sobbing drunk was demonstrating karate and all martial arts in its highest form the art of fighting without fighting. The morale of this story is that, jaw, jaw is better than war, war, and that avoidance is always better than confrontation where no one is the winner, I think you’ll agree.