Oral B Pro 500 – An Excellent Electric Toothbrush

Like any other manufacturer, Oral B takes the winning elements of its range of electric toothbrushes and includes them in other models also, after some modifications and improvements that add even greater value to users.

That’s why you’ll find useful features like a

  • recharging station for your battery
  • smart timer functionality to indicate how long to brush
  • brush heads to replace old and worn out ones
  • sensors to make sure you don’t press too hard and injure teeth or gums
  • ‘Quick Start’ convenience for first-time users

in several different models.

The Oral B Pro 500 has some excellent unique advantages as well.

Bristle configuration – The way bristles are arranged on a replacement brush head varies from one model of electric toothbrush to another. They don’t look exactly the same as any other, with design specifications tailored to fit their purpose best.

Battery type – While many modern electric toothbrushes are powered by rechargeable batteries, they are not all uniform. Some are NiMH dry cells, while others have Lithium ion batteries. The Lithium cells are smaller and yet deliver better performance.

Is the Oral B Pro 500 a travel-friendly electric toothbrush? Will you be able to take it along with you when you are on tour? Can you use the toothbrush in different localities and countries? Will the device be compact and light enough to store and take along without discomfort?

When you pick the Oral B Pro 500 as your electric toothbrush of choice, the answer is always positive. This is a great toothbrush to carry on trips.

Several experimental studies confirm that the right electric toothbrush for receding gums can bring down dental plaque by 20% within a short duration. This is a great point to highlight the importance of choosing the right brand.

While the higher cost of an electric toothbrush is a barrier for some users, most will find the money to afford a device that will avoid receding gums, and dental infections.

Recharging an electric toothbrush battery is child’s play. All you have to do is stick the handle in a charging station and leave it plugged in overnight. There’s a double beep to indicate that charging has begun. The LED will flash orange all through this process.

If you will be travelling to regions with different voltage and socket pin settings, make sure you carry along suitable adaptors. That way you’ll be able to plug in your toothbrush for a recharge without having to worry about voltage fluctuations causing any damage.