Are Fake Boobs Attractive? 3 Signs You May Be Wasting Your Time / Money

I’m not female, so I don’t have any concept of the level of anxiety many women must go through about their bodies.

To add to this, male obsessiveness and infatuation with how women look often stokes the already burning feelings of inadequacy.

The key is that if a woman’s breasts are not seen as “full” or “large”, many feel self-conscious.

And whilst having an hour-glass figure is not that big of a deal anymore (as opposed to when women used to get laced into whalebone corsets), the idea of “big boobs” certainly is.

This need often pushes many women toward breast enlargement surgery – with implants. Implications & health aside, the aesthetics of this procedure has often received varying consensus around the world.

The key thing to appreciate is that if you’ve artificially inflated the size of your breasts, they are not going to be as soft, supple and “feminine” as they would be if they were natural.

This may not be news; the point is that if you’re looking at getting “bigger boobs” – there may be different ways to achieve the same result… such has having push-up bras etc.

To this end, there are a number of things to consider about getting breast enhancements which may indicate you’re wasting your time/money. Obviously, the majority of women who undergo the procedure have done extensive research and likely have the support of a long-term partner; if you’re doing it just to attract a partner, it’s likely going to be a bad decision…

1. Body Image Changes With Age

If you’re 21, your perception of what “flaws” you have are going to be completely different to if you’re 41+.

Of course, no young woman ever wants to think about what might happen to her body in 20+ years, but it’s necessary when considering the advantages (or not) of breast enhancement.

I liken it to tattoos – they look great when you’re young; the moment you start to age, they begin to fade and become unsightly. Whilst breast implants won’t do that, you have to understand that the elasticity of your breasts is going to completely change as you age.

In other words, if you’re basing your choice (to get implants) around what you look like now, you’re likely getting them for the wrong reasons.

By all means – if you are genuinely interested in getting them for your self esteem – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it… but to go through the whole process, upheaval and having to maintain them just (let’s be real) to catch the eye of a young mate, you’re likely going to have issues later in life.

You have to consider the longer-term consequences (not just that they’ll make “that cute bikini” look good on the beach).

2. Health Implications

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve read into the obvious health implications of the surgery etc.

However, what most people don’t appreciate is the “peripheral” health implications for the likes of your back, skin etc.

A number of women have reported large amounts of sagging (which accelerates with the larger the implants), and some have even said that their implants came away from their skin (very painful).

If you have a baby, it’s also questionable as to whether you’ll be able to breast feed (some can, some can’t).

The point is – if you are seriously considering the procedure – please make sure you consult with all the “other” complications which can arise.

3. They Won’t Attract A Long Term Partner

Sure, women with enhanced breasts certainly turn heads… but they’re not real.

This alludes to the fact that you may well attract a partner with the enhancements, but it doesn’t mean they’ll stick around.

As a man, let me say up front that you can tell if a girl’s had work done. I don’t care at all, but it does denote a number of indicators of her personality.

Maybe she felt inadequate before, maybe she needed to do it for work (if she aspired to be a model or actress) – or (more likely than you’d imagine) – maybe she’s fishing for a millionaire.

A lot of women are just as bad as men when it comes to judging based on looks alone. Perhaps not as many women, but they’re generally much more affected by prior emotional issues (maybe she was in an abusive relationship, had issues with her parents etc) – leading many of them to become completely paranoid about their appearance (again, out of a feeling of inadequacy). These are typically the women who end up getting “duck face” lip injections and all sorts of other work.

The point is that women generally get sex quite easily (easier than men anyway). The true test of whether she’s “playing the game” as well as possible is whether she’s able to encourage her partner(s) to stay interested in her after she’s “given up the goods”.

Quite lurid, but it means that if you enhance your looks without indulging in your personality, hobbies, passions and general “value” beyond what people see, you’re likely going to end up worse off.

Ultimately, I can only offer an opinion on something as personal and delicate as this topic.

However, from my experience, whilst enhanced breasts are definitely a benefit in the “material” realm, when it comes to “true love”, they have very little affect… unless you’re actually that way inclined anyway.