Sleep Therapy for Depersonalization

Depersonalization is caused by a tired mind, not from lack of sleep but from the habit of constant fearful thinking. This often interferes with real sleep and one’s appetite as well. The strange sensations brought on by an exhausted mind fuels the worry and the cycle continues. In order to break the cycle, one must learn how to change the way they think and a nutrition plan geared towards naturally boosting Serotonin in the brain and maintaining balanced blood sugar levels is another necessity.

Many complain they are unable to sleep due to the due to stress and worry that accompanies Depersonalization/Derealization. The symptoms mimic what the person believes is “true illness” and they have a difficult time settling down at night and getting a good night’s sleep.

In order to achieve a good night’s rest, one must learn how to change the way they think and using a food plan to promote energy during the day and sleepiness before bedtime will allow they a good night’s sleep and actually feeling refreshed and clear in the morning.

This is not difficult and best of all, it works!

Nutrition for Sleep

A simple plan for promoting good sleep is to begin by including a lean protein with every meal and snack. Never skip your protein (fish, meat, poultry or dairy) with meals and snacks.

The science behind this is that it builds amino acids, the precursor to Serotonin (the feel good chemical in the brain). It also affects your sleep center.

Following this food plan all day long builds Serotonin. In order to release it, to induce the calm sleepiness one should experience before bedtime, you would take a complex carbohydrate (bread, toast, whole grain cereal, etc.) as a bedtime snack, without a protein. This releases Serotonin in the brain and allows one a good night’s sleep, waking refreshed, both physically and emotionally, in the morning.

Mindset for Sleep

Your mindset is very important when looking to achieve a good night’s sleep. If you fearfully worry all day long about sleeping at night, this fear will become a self-fulfilled prophecy, meaning, your thoughts will reflect your physical reactions.

It’s time to break the worry cycle, concerning sleep. The habit of fearful thinking concerning not being able to sleep needs to be eliminated.

– Catch yourself in fearful, negative “what if” thinking, concerning your ability to sleep. Be aware of this habit and learn how to interrupt it.

– Not being able to fall asleep is also because one is not properly tired enough to sleep. Outdoor exercise is essential to create the sleepy mindset before bed.

– Learning how to relax both the mind and body is also an important exercise that can be achieved by meditation and systematic loosening of muscle groups while in bed.

– Most of all, give yourself permission not to sleep and sleep will sneak up on you. It’s the “trying” to hard that keeping you from falling asleep.

Sleep is a factor that helps one see things more clearly the next day, cope with stresses and think clearly. Yes, Depersonalization is the result of a tired mind, but this is from worrying and studying yourself fearfully all day long. It is not the same tired as lack of sleep BUT a good night’s rest will enable you to use your steps to interrupt Depersonalization more effectively. These steps can be found in our Depersonalization Treatment Program and Counseling services.