Anxiety: Natural Treatment, Permanent Recovery

Over the years there have been many acceptable treatments for the anxiety condition but many of them are temporary and fail to bring complete relief or permanent recovery. The natural approach, on the other hand, is the one treatment that creates new behaviors and in turn cools down an overactive mind, leading to permanent recovery. Learning how to follow the simple steps and applying them to your life, is the key to a natural, rapid and permanent recovery. Peace of mind replaces worried thoughts and happiness becomes the welcomed replacement for fear.

Retrain the Brain

It always begins with a thought. We are what we think and by learning to change the way you thinks, you can full gain control over the way your body behaves. It’s as simple as being aware of negative “what if” thoughts and changing them before they have become your automatic behavior. Being aware of these thoughts is the first step. How many times a day are you beginning your thoughts with “what if” fears and worries? Acknowledging this behavior is the beginning of changing it. It’s as easy as swapping out a “what if” thought with a more beneficial “so what” perspective on the issue or situation. By doing so, you are putting a stop to the constant release of adrenaline, which occurs with every “what if” sentence that crosses your mind. Without this chemical constantly releasing, the mind and body cool down, followed by a true sense of peace and calm.

Feed the Mind and Body

Food and Nutrition play a large part in the way that we feel. By selecting the correct foods, we can control the way we feel and act. It’s incredible what a difference food choices make in our everyday lives, at home, at work or in school. Concentration and focus can be increased by the proper food choices. We experience energy without feeling “wired.” Sleep comes more easily when governed by our food choices. Anxiety is be replaced by peace, calm and self-confidence, just by making simple changes to the foods we choose at every meal and snack.

Learning to use protein foods (meats, poultry, fish and dairy) with every meal and snack will result in stable blood sugar levels, leading to a calmer demeanor. Boosting Serotonin (the feel good chemical in the brain) naturally helps maintain a less anxious mind and body. This is naturally achieved by ingesting more protein in the diet, along with good carbohydrates. This means you are naturally manufacturing Serotonin in the brain by eating correctly every day.

Medications “hold” Serotonin in the brain but if you are not eating correctly, your body is not manufacturing Serotonin. This means there is little Serotonin to hold in the brain by using medications. This is clearly reflected in the way you might still feel symptoms. If, on the other hand, you are eating correctly, replenishing Serotonin on a daily basis by doing so, you are naturally feeling better, without the risk of side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

This simple yet effective method of using proteins and carbohydrates for the timed release of Serotonin in the brain is the natural answer for lasting recovery from anxiety symptoms, along with retraining a sensitized mind. Basically, it’s all about eating proteins with each meal and snack, while using complex carbohydrates to release Serotonin in the brain when ready to settle down for sleep. This results in a good night’s rest with the extra benefit of feeling more like your “old self” upon waking in the morning. Again, a protein with every meal and snack and a carbohydrate (dry cereal, toast, crackers) without a protein before bedtime, which releases Serotonin in the brain, resulting in a relaxed mind, ready for sleep. A natural sleeping aid without chemicals.

In Conclusion: The 2-Step Process- Retrain the Brain and Nutrition Plan

The combination of thinking correctly and using foods to create a less reactive mind and body is the key to opening the door to full and permanent peace of mind. This gives you full control over how you wish to feel, without the necessity of medication or outside sources. It’s a simple, effective treatment and with lasting results, minus side effects, withdrawal symptoms or interfering reactions. This creates true change and peace of mind in a short period of time. You become in charge of your own recovery without the upsetting side affects you might have struggled with in the past with medications. This simple approach is the natural yet strongest defense against intrusive anxiety symptoms, with you in complete control of your life. Most of all, it is the one and only permanent recovery treatment without side effects or interfering reactions.