Halloween Themed Workouts To Stay Fit

Halloween is a popular fun time of the year with some great seasonal activities like pumpkin picking, hay rides and trick-or-treating. It is also the time when many tempting treats increasingly become the main attraction.

Both are good reasons that call for an increase in exercises. Here are some Halloween-themed workouts that are a combination of exercise pairs without any rest in between.

The Workout

What to do: Perform the following pair of fitness themes exercises together without making any rest in between. Use a stopwatch and execute each exercise for 45 seconds. After performing each pair in four sets, rest for a minute to recover and move to your next pair.

The Exercises

Mummy Sit-ups

Lie down on your back and inhale as the hands are kept on thighs and the legs straight. Then slowly sit up while moving the fingers towards the knees, exhaling all the while. Inhale and sit up straight with shoulders back. Return to the starting position slowly as you exhale.

Frankenstein Walk

While standing straight, lift the right foot into a “Frankenstein” kick straight up and then spring back as you step down. The knee should always be kept over the ankle, as your arms are kept away from the body, and the shoulders are squared off with the front leg. Keep lowering your body till the front thigh comes to a parallel with the floor or at least to a comfortable position; keep moving your hips forward. The shoulder should be kept back in a tall posture. Activate both the thigh muscles and glutes to come back to the starting position as you push off the front leg. For increased intensity, one can add hand weights that should be held out in front of the body.

Finally rest yourself for one minute before beginning a new superset.

Ghost Fliers

Keep your arms and legs outstretched as you lie on your stomach on a mat. Next reach your arms overhead as you point your toes. Align your head with the spine and relax your neck. Exhale as the abdominal is engaged getting stability of spine and slowly take your legs away from the torso till they leave the ground; next bring the arms off the ground. Bring the right arm to the right knee as the head follows while the legs are kept straight. Come back to the starting position. See that the head does not drop to the floor. Exhale slowly and lower your legs and arms and then take the left arm to the left knee.

Spider Plank Push-Ups

Take a face down plank position keeping the hands shoulder-width apart with the feet remaining together. Come into a push-up as the right knee is drawn towards the right elbow. As the body is kept flat, push up back into the prone upright position. Follow it up on the left side. Exhale while pushing up and inhale while muscle-lengthening phase.

Finally rest for a minute.